Frisco And Slug Dumb Down

Frisco And Slug Dumb Down was the first ever mix CD I ever made back in 1997 when CD burners were still pretty new and not very reliable. After figuring out how to get the CD’s ripped and the songs mixed together, I think I went through a whole stack of blanks before I even got one to burn successfully. After that I was hooked on making them. I loved making actual mixtapes back in the day, but this was a much better system, especially if you wanted to share them with a bunch of people. These days my mixes rarely even touch an actual CD and stay completely in the digital MP3 realm which is even better.

The title “Frisco And Slug Dumb Down” is a mash-up of a Dandy Warhols album title and a couple of characters from Atlas Shrugged. Nirvan, Kurtis Blow, Fiona Apple, Wyclef Jean and Depeche Mode all make appearances.

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