Give the People What They Paid For

“Give the People What They Paid For” is my latest mixtape.  It was made on October 17th, 2012.  It is better than the last one, as long as if by “better” you mean “newer.”

It has songs by The Flaming Lips, but it’s not “That” kind of mix tape because it also has Johnny Cash, Jay-Z and The Meters.

I finished it in the dark on my laptop.  By a lake.  With bats everywhere.  It was more of a Lake Oswego kind of thing than a Hunter S. Thompson kind of thing.

Die Antwoord makes an appearance, as do Big Audio Dynamite. Everclear and Fernando are in there so the thing could smell “Portlandy”, which is about 3% as cool as it sounds.

How I mixed Lou Reed with Flo Rida together is my secret.

Fuck.  There I go spoiling it all.  Again.

Play Immediately: