Some Summer

Some SummerIt is the Summer of 2014 and today is my 41st birthday. I made this mixtape for you. It has some old songs and some new songs. The Modern Lovers start it, and Jim Carroll finishes it. ? Mark and the Mysterians are in there somewhere, as are The Misfits, Mink DeVille, Veruca Salt, Sparks, KISS, and Parquet Courts.

Fun Fact: ? Mark recorded the first music to be called “Punk Rock”, a full decade before The Ramones or Sex Pistols played a single note. They were Mexicans. Yes, that makes punk rock Mexican in origin. That Mexican music that sounds a little like Polka with the accordions and oompa-oompa tubas? That’s German in origin from back in the mid-nineteenth century when those dudes brought their waltzes and stuff with them to Mexico. The locals ate it up and spit it back out as Tejano.

I could go on and on as you do when you get older, but I’m going to go eat my birthday cheesecake now. My Mom makes it for me every year. It’s the best.

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