The Long And Short Of It

Lady don’t take no shit insist on respect
Insist to walk around like a woman
She won’t speak less it’s something worth sayin
Don’t play, the girl take herself so serious
People stare curious
She got a natural way, her hips sway furious, yet luxorious
Carries herself like the cutest most purdiest
Thing you’ve seen, this side of the bay
Go about her business so purpose-fully
She got razor sharp wit and she just won’t quit
Flauntin it, body built like a house made outta bricks
She got the smile, the style and finesse
And bounded with the blessed and profound intellect
Select few have ever seen her butt naked
And they too wanna see the rep protected

Those are the first words to the first song on this mix “Lady Don’t Tek No” by Latryx. It only gets better from there with songs by Ryan Adams, Red Aunts, The Cure, Cody Chesnutt and More.

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